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By Celeste Watkins

My breathing gets heavier and heavier, as shivers speed down my spine.
“And the winner is…” The Judge pulls out the piece of paper with a serious look on his face.
I know what you are thinking. The winner of what? Why is there a Judge? Why is he so serious? Here, let me take you back to when it all started.
I was sitting at my desk in school, nearly asleep, when I got awoken by a loud boom that said, “And that is how to write a fantastic short story!” Oh, wait, that wasn’t a boom, that was my English teacher, Miss Sour. That was the worst English lesson ever! I could write a better story in my sleep.
“Children!” she snaps. “There is a writing competition on this weekend, if you are interested. I you are, sign up forms are over here.”
I rush up to her desk and just as, oh no! My worst enemy, the Queen of mean, Miss Popularity, Rachel Poshry is signing up too.
“Katrina Russel, you are signing up as well? Good luck, you will need it.” She hands her form to Miss Sour and leaves, flicking her hair dramatically. I finish signing my form soon after and leave the classroom. I walk down the long, spiraling stairs of Green Valley State School, (my school) soon catching up to my best friend, Amy Branch.
“Hey Kat!” she exclaims excitedly.
“Yeah, uh, hi,” I mutter to the floor.
“What’s wrong?"
“Nothing, just my worst enemy Rachel Poshry is entering the SAME competition as me!” I yell.
Amy looks at me with a surprised look on her face. “Don’t worry about her! You are the best writer ever!”
“Yeah, I guess.”
That night in bed, I write a fantastic short story about a monster called fuzzy. I put my story down and with a smile on my face, fall asleep.
The day of the contest – I walk up to the Judge’s panel and hand in my spectacular story. I nervously wait for the Judges to read the stories. They discuss them among themselves for about 15 minutes until finally,
“Thank-you all for coming,” The MC says, “all your stories were very good, but there was one that stood out the most,” I am about to stand up when, “Rachel Poshry!”
My story was awesome! The best of the best! Rachel walks up on stage and starts telling everyone that she worked very hard and boring stuff like that, like she had just won an Oscar. Sadly, I leave and walk home, leaving my parents behind.
When I get home, I am feeling a little sad, okay, very sad, but luckily, there is another contest next month. I have already started writing, in fact finished, and you just read it!

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