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The Four Friends

By Liam

One warm sunny day two friends named Rainy (a bird) and Froth (a frog) were playing hide and seek.When the game ended Rainy and Froth went to a Waterfall and had a couple of races around the creek.When it was time to. go back home they got trapped inside a jungle palace and inside the jungle palace lived Snumph (a snake) and the rest of his family.But Rainy and Frothy yelled HELP!HELP!The other two friends named Leo and Cocky heard the cry and came to help.When Leo and Cocky got to the palace they beat up the snakes and ran outside. When they got outside they were just about to celebrate when they heard a loud ROAR! "oh no"cried Leo "Its Break (a huge brown bear)"said Cocky after Leo."He's getting his lunch now"whispered Froth after Cocky and Break ran after Them.At the same time Friend (a frog) came jumping out of the bush and got the four friends out of the situation.When they got home they celebrated and had a great party for Friend.

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