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By Caitlin Sutton

One exciting and strange day Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar school year 4K and 4D had an author visit. Mr Eyres introduced Brian Falkner. Brian talked to us about dreams and showed us his website and on the page there was a red button. Brian told us NOT to press the red button and that made year 4 ask what the button does but Brian wouldn't tell us!

Year 4k had lunch and went back to class, everyone was buzzing because they had computer time so they could see what happens when you click the red button.
Inside everyone was on the website everyone was just about to click the red button. Everyone clicked. Then I realised the that the computer was getting further and further away!

The floor was getting further away and the roof was getting closer I panicked then looked around everyone was in the air! 4K was floating in mid air! Then an alien came in the alien shrieked 'more prisoners ' then we saw 4D floating behind the alien!

Then we relised it was Brian! 4K gasped, they were domed but not for long because I flew up to the alien and said ' you won't get away with this! ' then I floated over and pressed the button again and the alien turned back in to Brian!

And now I'm famous but I really couldn't have become famous without the red button!

Thank you for coming to Lindisfarne Brian, I loved your talk!

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