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Telektria's Heroes

By Cooper Robins

(Not Finished)
Chapter 1 Travelled
I wake up just another day in the life of a Australian Boy. I walk downstairs and find a pack of little dogs.
"When did these guys come along?"I ask
"Our dog had babies"Mum says
I walk to the pantry and find a puppy sitting on the shelf giving me the adorable eyes. It had a cornflake sticking out of its mouth.
"Mum, I think someone ate the last of the cereal."I exclaim
"Oh come on!" She yells
I grab the dog and walk out of the pantry. I grab a bunch of fruit sat down at the couch and started eating it.
I haven't properly introduced myself yet have I?
I am Mitchell but people call me Mitch. I have brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I am basically your average everyday boy. But ooh your wrong I have powers. Levitation, Invisibility, Controlling Water and just Telektrin spells really. But I don't know about those powers. I finish the fruit and walk outside. I forgot about the dog. I go back inside put him down and once again, go outside. I was about to grab my bike when a flying creature comes down and grabs me. Then I see a replica of me fly out of nowhere and go into the house.
"Let go of me!" I yell. The beast looks down at me. I am staring into the eyes of a giant four winged dragon. Suddenly everything went black. Then color returned to my vision. I was in a different country with not a single island in sight. Suddenly a flaming ball burnt two of the dragons wings and we fell. We fell a few kilometers when the dragon turned so I won't hit the ground and my back began to hurt. I turned and looked at the dragon. It had lost consciousness. I felt where its heart would be. It was beating at the average speed. I called for help. The dragon roared and two dragons came and flew down. They were the same kind of dragon. They hiss at me. I start to back up slowly. Then their ears perk up like they realized something. Then one walked forward and bent its head down. I start to get on it expecting it to struggle but it kept calm. It raised its head and the two dragons grabbed the unconscious dragon and flew off. It was a short ride. We finally reached a tiny cottage but when we got closer it grew into a mansion. I get off and walk to the man crouched down beside the unconscious dragon.
"Who are you?" I ask
"Is it really you Mitchell?" The man asks
"Ummm yeah it's me Mitchell"I say
"Come inside, quick now." He says
Then I enter the mansion
Chapter 2: I become a dragon rider
We walk into a room where the unconscious dragon was lying down. It looked at me as if it was telling me something. Then out of nowhere a voice said in a voice as if a snake was talking to me" Say Obsecro, convertens animam meam: Spiritus hie " So I did. "Obsecro, convertens animam meam: Spiritus hie!" I yelled and the dragons wings were fixed as is nothing happened. The dragon lunged forward and nudged me as if it were a cat.
"I guess it likes you, I am Desper" The man says. Then I went outside to fly it. I got on it then we took off. After a few minutes a fireball passed me like the one that burnt the dragons wings and I turned my head. Standing on top of a dragon engulfed in flames was a figure engulfed in flames.
"Go under him."I say
Then we flew under the dragon and took off to go to the mansion. When it came in sight another fireball passed us.
"Dive boy"I say and we dive toward the door. I leap off the dragon make sure it got in then barricaded the door.
"What's going on?"Desper said.
"Fiery man on fiery dragon chasing us." I say. He turned and rand to a door covered in locks. With a swipe of a hand they all unlocked and Desper ran in. He poked his head out and gestured to follow.
As I ran in the locks locked behind me.
"Mitchell you are a part of a great race of people who have the power of Telektrin spells. There are only 5 of you so you have to find the other 4. You will find 2 in Canada.You have 3 days to find all 4" Desper says.
"So how am I supposed to get to Canada in a day?"I ask.
"Telektrin spells of course now say Brin ma Canada Canada"Desper says
So I did. I saw a portal, and I walked in it.
Chapter 3: 2 Mad men jump off a bridge
I start to fall out of the sky
I see peoples heads turn and raise their eyebrows at me then a big splash was seen. Inside that splash, was me. When my head rose from the water people started yelling.
"SWIM SWIM!"They yelled
I turned my head. Blood was rising from the water and a large fin bigger than a car was gliding toward me through the water. Then I started to swim very fast. I thought for a moment and said a few words."Reptil snak of wat protec ma!" I yelled and some peoples mouths dropped open.
A big snake had risen from the water and started to fight off what was there. The fin leaped from the water. It was the Megaladon. I started to swim even faster. By the time I got to shore my wound had stopped bleeding and I started to watch the sea serpent. It flew into the air then sparkled and disappeared. Then the Megalodon turned and swam away. Then I looked around. I saw two mad kids jump off onto the Megalodon and I thought.
"Huc!"I yelled and they flew toward me. "Hey how dare you use magic on us."They said.
"Do you want to save the world?, then follow me"I said they turned and looked at each other. I started to walk away when they caught up to me.
"Do you know any magic?"I ask.
"Uhhhhh I know how to increase your water spells by 50%"One said"I am David."
"And I'm Devan!" The other said.
We walked around and found a holographic figure standing in the middle of nowhere.
"Desper!"I yell.
"You know this dude?"David asked.
The holographic Desper looked at David and Devan.
"Well you have got 2 of the people. Now you have to find Isabella and is it.... Bridget that's it now they are in..... London."Desper says and disappears.
"Now all we have to is try and get the right words to get to London."I say. Then a flaming ball comes down right in front of my face and 2 eyes glow in front of me.
"Et spiritus blad han"I mutter and a magic glowing blue sword forms into my hand. I took a step back and got into a fighting stance. Then I lunged and cut with my sword. I literally ran through him. I turned and he brought his own sword out. Then we began to brawl.
Chapter 4: Going to DeepLand
We swung our swords and they collided. His sword was knocked back and I took the time to strike. I ran forward got ready to stab and he jumped right over me. I ducked. I could tell he was going stab my head so I back flipped and kicked his face. I turned quickly and our swords collided again. He tried to stab my head thinking he would get me, but before it could touch me I swung my blade and his sword went flying. Right into the ocean. We saw steam rise. He ran forward and punched me. I plummeted backwards and before I could get up, he kicked me and I went flying into the ocean. I sunk down unconscious. When I hit the ground I saw several man like faces with gills and frills. They looked at me. I looked for my sword. I saw it dissolving into air particles. I looked around and I got up. They said something I couldn't translate. Then out of nowhere it popped into my head."Who are you? What are you?" One said
"I am a human"I said. It was surprising I could breathe under here, but I've seen even more surprising things than this.They had a conversation. Every few seconds one raised their head and looked at me. A young... Alien thing came over wearing a crown.
" I am Warenar, the prince of this realm named Deepland. He says
"Warwener?" I ask " Thats a weird name."
"War en ar ok! You may not understand the meanings of our Deeplandian names. If you don't annoy us we will take you too our only water free zone!" Warenar said.
"Take me there. I won't be a numbskull." I say
Warenar narrowed his eyes at me. He walked away. I followed him. I thought for a moment. If he brings me to this water free zone, I could get the fire dude to come to the zone, and put him in the water. But which spell should I use. Mun ot flar huc?, maybe. Those words are the only ones I have. When I get there I will say those words.
A few hours I see a kind of glistening box in the water.
"Is that it?" I ask.
"Yeah, we sacrifice fellow Deeplandians to the gods" Warenar says.
My back shivers. I imagine Warenar chucking a Deeplandian into the air free zone and them dying because they have no water. I jump into the zone.
Chapter 5: The Flame man falls
"Mun ot flar huc!" I yell. Out of nowhere he appears. He looks around. Then he looks at me. He grows a smirk on his face.
"You are a fool to summon me here. Yes, water can hurt me but, you can't breath under here.
I decided to keep quiet about me being able to breath under water.
"Et spiritus blad han" I said confidently. Once again, the blade formed in my hand but this time, I waited. His sword formed and I lunged at him. I kick him and he gets knocked back into the water. He screams and dissolves. Warenar is petrified.
"H h how did you... N never mind."Warenar says.
Now I need a way to get back to the surface.
"Is there a way back to the surface?" I ask.
Chapter 5: The Missile of Evil
We started to walk to a cannon of some sort in the Deeplandian castle. As I past Deeplandians they bowing at me. Have I got some history between me and the Deeplandian race?
"Do you have a library?" I ask. I was anxious to figure out about history about me and the Deeplandians.
"Yes, why?"Warenar asks
"I would just like to read about Deeplandian history." I reply
He gestured to a giant arch and inside was a room, and that room was a library.
"Thanks" I say and walk into the library. I looked around for the history isle. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Factual Fiction, and the last isle was history. As I entered the isle I looked for books on Deeplandian history and the dustiest book of them all, was the one I needed. I flicked the pages until a certain word caught my eye. It was 'Telektrin Heroes'. I started reading it. It said that the old Telektrian Heroes saved Deepland from an air bomb. Warenar came beside me. "So, why this book and this page?" He asked
"I am the first of the five Telektrian heroes" I replied. Warenar froze.
"Hurry" He quickly said and ran off. I followed and he shoved me into a cannon and blasted me away.
As I broke the surface I heard David panicking.
"Oh god oh god oh god WHAT DO WE DO!!!!" He yelled
I slowed and started falling and then out of the corner of my eye. The dragon came and I landed on it and it took me to land next to David. He was on the floor crying and having a spasm. I sit down next to him.
"There there..." I say
"But but... What if he never-" He stopped and stood up straight. "I'm fine" I laugh.
"Okay we need to get to London." I say
"How about beasty here?" Devan said. The dragon snarled at him.
"I guess" I replied. "Get on"
Chapter 6 Finding Bridget and Isabella

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