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Life of Brian
Snow Paridise

By Miuwai Lee

Chapter 1
Stormy Seas
Another stormy night on the boat. Thunder boomed in the starry sky and lightning lit up the black sheet above us. My name is Hilda. Me and my brother Frank are awake. I looked off the side of the boat. We were looking for another island because our island got hit by a giant hurricane. We were the only survivors. All that was left of our welcoming island that attracted visitors from all over the world now is torn up houses and crumpled bodies. I spotted a island in the distance "LOOK," I screamed running into my parents bedroom. "QUICK," Frank cried running into the room right behind me."What are you two doing up in the middle of the night?," mum growled at us as she woke up. "It's the storm," I said in a innocent way "its so exiting you now all the thunder and lightning, it doesn't help that I'm a bit worried about the the boat. Since it has such high mast's and the lightning's so low and the wind and waves are so strong and off course we could get shipwrecked before we know it" "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS THOUGH," Frank whined impatiently.

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