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The Last Stand

By Cody Bretton

I look across the dark, depressing plains of the battlefield masked with dead bodies. The cold rain batters down on the trench that we are huddled up in. The eerie sound of silence signals that the enemy has stopped and has advanced, we take position to attack.

The wind picks up as the next round of shells fly our way. We all jump into cover as our fortification is bombarded with bullets. The dust consumes us as we get up and return fire. The darkness is lit up with the gunpowder that is propelling bullets back and forward as the sun rises and the new day dawns.
I see the beach covered in bodies, the blood mixing in the water. New reinforcements arrive on the beach, while the enemy are planning their attack. As we sneak down to the beach, a storm rolls in and we are assaulted by the wind and rain. We run as fast as we can to the boat as we are assailed by enemy fire, as we hide, all reinforcements are slaughtered.

Once we return to the trenches, we receive a call from the Colonel saying that Command has told us to move north. We start to pack up our stuff as the next round of shells hit five of my battalion, and annihilates our barricade. We try to move the bodies into the trenches but they are just too heavy to lift. We finish packing up and head north.

Once we head off, we reach a forest, where we decide to stay the night. That night I heard something close, a loud noise, like the familiar sound of a bullet. I bolt upright look around and see nothing. The only thing I see is the eerie depths of darkness as the next sound reaches my ears but this time from behind me. I turn around as the enemy shoots me in the back, I fall into the trench but nothing happens. I look up and there is nothing, no bullet in my back, no pain.

I find myself in a forest, with nothing but the rest of my battalion. We continue to move north till we find a small town. We set up and get more ammo and rest.

That night the glass vase that sits on the wooden table shatters in to pieces as we all bolt up. We grab our weapons as we take our positions to attack. We look outside as we see three lights looking in to the building. We know we are outnumbered so we sneak out the back door. Once we exit the back we are greeted by our enemy, who simultaneously attacks us as we run out as fast as we can. The rest of my murder is wiped out as I run to safety. I find an outcropping in a tall tree which I think is safer than being on the ground.

As I mourn over the loss of my family, I plan my revenge. I grab the ammunition and the supplies and head to my last stand. When I get to the grey, ominous plain I see the enemy hiding with their rifle poised at the ready. I slowly enter the frontline and I grab my rifle and stand in No-Man’s Land. The enemy are visibly shocked at my stance. I point my gun at the enemy as they stand up, and draw fire. I dodge all the bullets and as I get ready to shoot, I drop my gun and try to surrender but the enemy just decides to ram me full of bullets instead. As I slowly fall, I see the spirits of my brothers and sisters who died before me. I lay motionless on the ground as the enemy signals victory.

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