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My Big Brother

By Tahlia

Jai said goodbye. He had to go away. My big brother had to leave me. At first, I didn't know how to deal with this. Heck, I don't even know how I managed to. But I did - took some time though. I guess I should go back to the start, huh? This is the story of me and my big brother.

It was a nice, warm summer day - perfect for a nice swim. Yeah, this is starting off like a cliche story, but just give it a moment. My brother and I were at the dam down the road. Well, not really down the road since we were in the bush, but a good bike ride away. We were jumping off low tree branches and rocks, doing bombies and pencil dives, great fun! We did this whenever we got bored, and today was a day just like that. His sister, Milly, was a bit mean yesterday, and so I went to Jai for comfort. He was a really good big brother; one of those always-looks-out-for-his-sister type brothers. He looked after me whenever Dad was out drinking with his mates, which was often. But I liked it; we got to watch telly and play the Wii in his caravan whenever I was bored or sad - just like yesterday actually.
Today, Milly, Dad and Mandy - Jai and Milly's mum, not my mum - went into town. They invited Jai and I, but we said "Nah thanks, we'll go down to the dam!" And so we did. We rode home dripping wet, but that was okay, since it was sweltering today. We arrived there about 20 minutes before the rest did, and decided to make home-made burgers for and afternoon snack. They were a-maz-ing! Mine had what everyone else had, minus the tomatoes. And the lettuce... And the rest of the salad-y type stuff. I just had cheese, the patty, sauce - loads of tomato sauce - and the bread, that's all. They thought it was yuck, but I loved it, still do.
I finished my food and hung out with Milly. We were okay for a little while, but then she was mean again. She hit me and yelled at me because I'd spilled the nail-polish we were using to paint our toes. It was shiny and pink, smelled gross too. But I sat through it, 'cuz I wanted to spend some girly time with her. She ended getting real mad, and I ended up crying after she hit me. I ran straight to Jai, since Dad and Mandy were still eating. He asked me what was wrong, and so I told him. He ended up comforting me - I loved that about him. He was a really good brother, kind of like a father-figure to me too since he was the only one who looked out for me.
After I'd calmed down, Jai told me to go get a drink. I listened, of course, 'cuz he's my brother. I ended up hearing Milly yelling and stuff, so I looked through the sliding door to her; Jai was with her, pulling on her shoulder-length brown hair. I giggled, he was telling her off for being mean to me. She ended up running away to cry in her room, and then I ran over to Jai and gave him a bear-hug.

It went on like this for a while, but then I started going to high school. I couldn't see him as often plus he had his career. Jai wanted to build houses in the big companies, so he was studying and practicing a lot too. He got angry at me once when I asked if I could help, saying "No, you'll just get in the way! Go and play dolls or something, Tess, leave me alone," while he drew some lines of white and blue paper. I got a bit angry myself, but morely so sad since he treated me like a kid and wanted me to go away. I listened like the good little sister I am. This kept happening, closer and closer together.

I couldn't take it anymore. I was surprised when he called me on the phone. "Tess? Come here, Jai's on the phone and he wants to tell you something," Mum called. I sighed, dragging my feet from my room all the way down the hall, through the kitchen, and into the kitchen.
"Hello?" I asked, voice a monotonous drabble.
"Hey, Tess. It's Jai," he replied. As If I didn't know that already.
"...What's up?" I said after a bit, confused as to why he called.
"I just wanted to... Tell you goodbye. I got offered to work over in Adelaide, and it's one o' the big companies too," he sighed after explaining, but I couldn't hear anything at all in his voice. Just lack of sleep.
"Bye then," I whispered, thrusting the phone back into Mum's hands and running back into my room. I didn't want him to leave. I didn't want my big brother to go. I felt like my chest was being impaled by a gazzillion bullets and daggers all at the same time; I felt absolutely terrible.

Mum and I got through it, in the end. I hate the topic of brothers and family, since I don't see or hear from Dad and the rest anymore. I miss Jai. Lots and lots. But I guess that it's for the best; he's working towards his goals. I just hope he calls again one day to say 'Hello' so we can talk for hours, and never say goodbye.

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