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The Greedy Boy

By Abbey

Once upon a time their lived a boy named Rowan. Rowan was a spoiled boy. His parents gave him whatever he wanted, and left the rest for them and their daughters, Ally, Sarah and Jane.
One day Rowan told his parents that he wanted all the toys in the world. He also said that he wanted to have all the yummy food in the world for breakfast, lunch and tea. His parents said "Oh sweetie, then you would never have anything nice again." But Rowan a six year old boy said "No Mother I want them all now, and I don't care"
So his parents bought him everything that he wanted until they had nothing not even a penny left of money.
A week later he was so starving that he had to work by shovelling driveways. He told everyone that he was sorry for being greedy. He also said that he shouldn't get treated better than the girls. Rowan did extra chores and spent most of his day shovelling or mowing.

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