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Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

By piper

once upon a time in a deep and dark wood live an old grandma and her granddaughter. the little girl had long golden hair and she loved to wear her red coat it was a blood red coat that had a pointy hood, and the little girl wore it everywhere. the girls name was Chloe but everyone called her little red riding hood. one day chloe decided to go out and find some supper for her and grandma but when she let the house a wolf came by he went up to the door and in a little girls voice he said 'may i please come in' grandma terrifyed opened the door and saw the ugliest green teeth with jagged edges and nails sticking out grinning at her. 'wa wa what do you want' said grandma amazed the she can even talk, 'im going to eat you ' hissed the wolf. he ate her up in one whole bite. but the wolf said 'i still havnt begun to feel that i have had a decent meal' the little old women was not enough she was so boney and tough i have to have another meal, just then he thought im going to wait right here...he ran to grandmas closet and put on all her clothes and waited till she got home. he even brushed his teeth and hair and waited in grandmas chair. in came the little girl in red staring at grandmas head what great big ears you have grandma 'all the better to hear you with' 'what great big eyes you have' 'all the better to see you with'. he sat there watching her and smiled he thought how am i going to eat you roasted on a spit whatever i ge to first he thought compared to old grandma she is going to taste like caviar. then little red riding hood said 'grandma what great big furry coat you have on' NOOOO!!!! thats wrong you were supposed to say what great big teeth i have but no matter what you say im going to eat you anyway. theres no escaping now is there he thought. the small girl smiles and one eye flickers then she pulles a pistol from her nickers she aims it at the creatures head then bang bang bang she shoots him dead.a few weeks later in the wood i saw miss riding hood but what a change no cloak of red no silly hood upon her head she said 'hello' and do please note my furry new wolf skin coat.

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