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At the Aviary - A Poem

By Kate Morris

I went to the zoo the other week,
And what I saw was quite a treat.
Apart from at the aviary,
I saw something that gave me,
Quite a big fright,
I lost all my might,
And this is what it was:
Oh goodness gracious! (I thought) What a pest!
That man is trashing all the nests!
Imagine being a bird, I say,
And coming back from being away,
To find a creature with two legs,
Had gone and broken all your eggs!
I certainly would not be happy, no!
In fact I’d give him quite a blow.
To the face, the hands, the legs or the tum,
And maybe even a smack up his bum!
A stern zookeeper saw him,
And in a flash was before him.
But the man kept on going, he did not stop,
So the zookeeper called the cops.
He had to stand before the Jury,
In fact, the jury of Missouri.
The Judge said “I think”, sipping from her cup,
“Fifty years should fix you up”.
And so, a lesson to you all,
Listen, kids, don’t cry or call.
If, to birds, you never are mean,
Then your criminal history will be quite clean.

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