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His life could change the world. His death could save it.

It all started with a book. The most boring book in the world. So boring that nobody would ever read it – which makes it the perfect place to hide a terrible secret.
Teenagers Luke and Tommy stumble across this lost book, worth millions and somehow mysteriously connected to Leonardo da Vinci.
But they are not the only ones seeking the book. Soon they are fighting for their lives.
Now the book has emerged from its hiding place the world may never be the same.

This book was previously published as 'The Project'. This 2016 edition has been revised and re-edited to produce a new, tighter, up-to-date version of the story.

Suggested Age Range: 8-12yrs

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New Zealand author Falkner delivers another solid thriller...

- Kirkus Reviews - June 2011

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An entertaining mystery with plenty of enjoyable twists and turns....

- Publishers Weekly - July 2011

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Has all the finer attributes of a Dan Brown page-turner...

- NZ Herald - December 2010

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The Project is another compelling action adventure with a sci-fi twist that will appeal to many teen readers....

- NSWAGTC - August 2011

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Young readers will snap up The Project...

- Read in a Single Sitting - November 2010

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This is the thinking boy's action book...

- Bookseller+Publisher Magazine - September 2010

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The Project is an enormously appealing helter skelter ride through a well constructed plot....

- BookieMonster - November 2010

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