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The secret recipe for Coca-Cola is missing!

Fizzer Boyd has a really cool ability. He is an expert at telling one soft drink from another, which is a lot of fun, but not all that useful.

But then the only three people in the world who know the secret formula for Coca-Cola are kidnapped. Suddenly Fizzer is in hot demand as the Coca-Cola company tries to work out its own recipe, and before too long, the search for the missing recipe becomes a matter of life and death!

Here's a list of the Taste Test grand prize winners!

Suggested Age Range: 8-12yrs

Rating  (232 ratings by visitors to this site)

Another excellent children's book from a highly credible, original New Zealand writer....

- Wendy A. Mill, Timaru Herald - January 2005

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Looking for an extraordinary action book for nine to 12 year olds?...

- Janette Godfrey, Wanganui Chronicle - June 2004

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Brian Falkner is really now hitting his straps…...

- Kate DeGoldi, Radio New Zealand - June 2004

I think this novel is cynically written and curiously lacking in integrity....

- Norman Bilbrough, New Zealand Books - December 2004

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The story unfolds at a cracking pace and is full of humourous incident and character....

- Children's Literature Foundation of NZ - 'Read Alouds' - September 2004

Highly recommended for juniors and likely to be of particular interest to boys....

- Tailspinners - September 2004

A real bottler of an adventure story....

- The Dominion - July 2004

Falkner's writing doesn't shine nearly as much as it could....

- Susan Paris, Books for Readers and Teachers - September 2004

Certain parts of the story were irrelevant to the main plot......

- Conor Deeny, Verbal Magazine - March 2008

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Poor cover hides a good story...

- Michelle Dawson, Marlborough Express - June 2004

It will have you on the edge of your seat, you won't want to put it down...

- Annie Kjestrup, Wairarapa Times-Age - September 2004

Falkner has hit on a recipe for success in this yarn, one with wide readership appeal....

- Bronwyn Fox, Jabberwocky - July 2004

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