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Rugby League Fun...

Twelve-year-old Daniel wants to play professional rugby league (for the NZ Warriors!). Of course he is far too young, but Daniel has a secret, and to everyone's amazement ends up on the team.

But that's just where the fun begins!

This book is published in New Zealand as 'Henry and the Flea' and in the rest of the world as 'The Flea Thing'.

Suggested Age Range: 8-12yrs

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A quirky little story…...

- Lorraine Orman, Story Go Round - August 2003

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a treat for sports fans...

- Swap Library Network - August 2004

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I think the really good thing about the book is its incredibly pursuasive writing, he's a sharp, varied, quite nuanced writer…...

- Kate DeGoldi, Radio New Zealand - June 2003

a children’s author who can write with the lightness of touch and everyday truth often absent in young fiction...

- North and South Magazine - June 2003

Fun for adults to read without being condescending to serious young readers....

- Doris Mousedale, Newstalk ZB - June 2004

This book will appeal to boys and girls, whether or not they are rugby league fans...

- Monica Holt, Sunday Star Times - July 2003

It’s gimmicky....

- Norman Bilbrough, New Zealand Books - November 2003

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It's fast and funny, but with serious undercurrents about growing up, judging others, honesty and friendship. A great read for sporty kids....

- Margie Thomson, NZ Herald - July 2003

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It is a sensational read even for someone like me who is 57....

- Graham Lowe, Rugby League Legend - September 2003

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